Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals

I always set myself some monthly mini goals for things I want to achieve during the month and since I really enjoy reading other peoples post on their goal setting I thought I would share mine. I meant to do this in January but somehow the entire month just flew by….
This month’s goals are a bit scaled back due to everything going on with the move however I still think it’s important to set some realistic goals for myself.
  • I think I picked my first Texas half marathon to run in May so I have started training for this. Realistically during the actual move later this month I won’t be able to run and I am fine with that knowing that I am fairly early in my training cycle. However exercise makes such a big difference in my stress levels that this is something I need to be consistent with and I have a fairly big goal for this race!
  • Eating! Oh gosh between farewell suppers, trying to clean the freezer/cupboards out and generally being too tired to actually want to cook our eating hasn’t been the best. I want to try and make a better effort of meal planning and eating healthy this month and NOT using Skip the Dishes.
  • As much as I am trying to fit in every last minute I can with people I am also trying to be aware that I need a bit of downtime in amongst it all. It’s finding that balance between having some downtime without missing a visit with all the people I really want to see before I go.
  • Just letting things happen as they are going to. Being such a planner and type A personality these kinds of big changes make me anxious! Especially when there are so many things that I can’t control going on (i.e. US Immigration processing times) but I need to just take a deep breath and let it happen. It’s all going to happen exactly the way it should.

Do you set monthly goals or just big year goals? Or both?
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  1. Those sounds like very realistic goals for your circumstances! That's great you picked a half! Will help you explore your new city getting those runs in!

    I feel the same way about trying to do a bunch of things before baby comes and I can't do anything! It is important to take time to recharge.

    I'm usually great about making goals but I haven't been lately. I need to get on that now that Feb is here.

  2. Oh gosh it must be so stressful all the immigration stuff! Great goals for sure. You definitely need a balance between visiting and down time, it can get to be too much for sure. You'll be so burnt out by the time you move!

  3. Now that I'm running again my hunger is OUT OF CONTROL. Like, I just had to buy food so I wouldn't die.

    It's tricky between wanting to do all the things and see everyone, and take some time for yourself.

  4. Yes you need that down time too! There are so many races in the US I would love to run, it will be fun to run one in your new city!