Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

This last weekend was one that included so many things I love!

Friday night was a quite one spent mostly sitting on the couch and catching up Schitts Creek. Oh and having wine and leftover Christmas cookies.....

Saturday morning I was up early to head way down south to a Hot Core yoga class at Soul Hot Yoga. The studio isn't anywhere close to where I am currently living but I just can't bring myself to find another studio closer to me. I love this studio and the instructors so I am going to continue going here until we leave in a month. This particular class is always fun, sweaty and full of inappropriate jokes. Once yoga was done I grabbed lunch at Chopped Leaf (if you haven't tried this place yet I highly recommend it!) then was off to a acupuncture appointment. My arm has been falling asleep lots lately. Not just at night but also when I am doing things like blow-drying my hair. So hopefully a couple of sessions should fix everything.

Last stop of the day was a challenging group fitness class at Revive Fitness (more on this to come later). After class I went home and read a book on the couch all night. I finished reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter and I still have some mixed feeling about it.
photo by Laura

Sunday morning I had a bend and brunch with Ange, Laura and Jen at Craft. Tickets were only $28 and included yoga, brunch and a beermosa! You can't really go wrong with all of that. The afternoon was spent cleaning the house and waiting for Dhugal to come home.

How was your weekend? Have you tried Chopped Leaf? Have you read that book? What did you think of it?


  1. Sounds like a perfect weekend!! SO glad I got to see you! I need to try Chopped Leaf!!

  2. Sounds like I lovely weekend. I LOVE Chopped Leaf but the two locations here are so out of the way for me. The goddess dressing is my absolute fave.

  3. Lots of activities for you! It's hard when you have a studio you love to find a replacement! Guess you will have to come back to Calgary weekly for yoga ;)

    I love your new blog title!! I'm happy to see some posts from you too!

  4. it was really great to hang out with you - and do so much fitness - this weekend! i think the beermosas were my favourite, and finally getting to eat after yoga!

  5. You should also try Fork and Salad. I went there after run club on Tuesday and it was so good. They also have acai bowls.