Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February Goals

I always set myself some monthly mini goals for things I want to achieve during the month and since I really enjoy reading other peoples post on their goal setting I thought I would share mine. I meant to do this in January but somehow the entire month just flew by….
This month’s goals are a bit scaled back due to everything going on with the move however I still think it’s important to set some realistic goals for myself.
  • I think I picked my first Texas half marathon to run in May so I have started training for this. Realistically during the actual move later this month I won’t be able to run and I am fine with that knowing that I am fairly early in my training cycle. However exercise makes such a big difference in my stress levels that this is something I need to be consistent with and I have a fairly big goal for this race!
  • Eating! Oh gosh between farewell suppers, trying to clean the freezer/cupboards out and generally being too tired to actually want to cook our eating hasn’t been the best. I want to try and make a better effort of meal planning and eating healthy this month and NOT using Skip the Dishes.
  • As much as I am trying to fit in every last minute I can with people I am also trying to be aware that I need a bit of downtime in amongst it all. It’s finding that balance between having some downtime without missing a visit with all the people I really want to see before I go.
  • Just letting things happen as they are going to. Being such a planner and type A personality these kinds of big changes make me anxious! Especially when there are so many things that I can’t control going on (i.e. US Immigration processing times) but I need to just take a deep breath and let it happen. It’s all going to happen exactly the way it should.

Do you set monthly goals or just big year goals? Or both?
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Monday, January 23, 2017

Weekend Recap

This last weekend was one that included so many things I love!

Friday night was a quite one spent mostly sitting on the couch and catching up Schitts Creek. Oh and having wine and leftover Christmas cookies.....

Saturday morning I was up early to head way down south to a Hot Core yoga class at Soul Hot Yoga. The studio isn't anywhere close to where I am currently living but I just can't bring myself to find another studio closer to me. I love this studio and the instructors so I am going to continue going here until we leave in a month. This particular class is always fun, sweaty and full of inappropriate jokes. Once yoga was done I grabbed lunch at Chopped Leaf (if you haven't tried this place yet I highly recommend it!) then was off to a acupuncture appointment. My arm has been falling asleep lots lately. Not just at night but also when I am doing things like blow-drying my hair. So hopefully a couple of sessions should fix everything.

Last stop of the day was a challenging group fitness class at Revive Fitness (more on this to come later). After class I went home and read a book on the couch all night. I finished reading Pretty Girls by Karin Slaughter and I still have some mixed feeling about it.
photo by Laura

Sunday morning I had a bend and brunch with Ange, Laura and Jen at Craft. Tickets were only $28 and included yoga, brunch and a beermosa! You can't really go wrong with all of that. The afternoon was spent cleaning the house and waiting for Dhugal to come home.

How was your weekend? Have you tried Chopped Leaf? Have you read that book? What did you think of it?