Thursday, December 22, 2016

Thinking out Loud

Happy Thursday!

I’m linking up with Running with Spoons to bring you some random thoughts for Thinking Out Loud Thursday.
It’s my last day of work until the 2017 and I can hardly wait for some time off!
  • It’s been awhile since I posted last however I am okay with it since we have been seriously busy packing up our house/ getting the movers to pick all of it up, moving into our condo and work trips for both of us. However all of that is done and we should have some sort of downtime over the next couple weeks…. Well until we head to Houston to look for a place to rent at the start of January.
  • I received the sweetest gift in our blogger gift exchange! Anna sent me the cutest little moose ornament! Yup! A moose! I was thinking the same thing as you when I opened it. That is until I read the card and she mentioned how she choose a red moose for two reasons: 1. as a symbol of Canada for the Canadian blogger Christmas swap and 2. As a memory of our last Canadian Christmas.  Since all of our Christmas decorations are packed away we don’t have a tree this year 😒 I propped the ornament up against the little paper tree I found at IKEA. Next year though it’s going to have a prominent spot right at the front of our tree. Thank you again to Leigh and Lindsey for organizing this.

  • Speaking of Christmas I have been having a harder time than usual getting into the Christmas spirit. Christmas is normally my absolute favorite time of the year but I think this year because we are in a temporary home without any of our own things (Christmas decorations included) I have struggled making our place feel festive. We are going to see A Christmas Carol tomorrow though and going to Christmas Eve service over at Knox United Church so that should help.
Knox United
  • Christmas Eve service – this might be what I am most looking forward to this season. Christmas Eve church service holds a very very special place in my heart as I have so many memories of going with my grandparents and this year Dhugal and I are going to Knox United which is also where we got married. There is something so magical about going on Christmas Eve, being reminded of what Christmas is really about, singing carols and just the general feeling of it all. I am honestly getting teary just thinking about how something like this can make my heart feel so so full.

That’s all I have for now :)

Do you have any Christmas traditions that hold a special place in your heart?