Tuesday, November 29, 2016

On The Move!

Well November is pretty much over and I haven’t blogged (or even had a chance to read blogs) in oh about 5 weeks……. I do however have a fairly valid reason for it! Dhugal and I are moving to Texas in February next year. Wait… what?!....Backing up a bit we found out early October that there was a potential for both of us to be transferred down with our jobs. At that point everything was still on the down low (minus telling our families) as we didn’t know about work visas or really any concrete details yet.

We decided to list our house (yes the one we literally just finished renovating) mid-October before the mortgage rules changed to see if there would be any interest. We weren’t in a rush or pressured at that point to sell so we weren’t too concerned (we didn’t even have our visas yet). Well the house ended up selling the first weekend. Selling the house was a huge relief but also added another interesting element to everything as we have to be out by December 15th.  So in the interim we have rented a furnished condo downtown for the last few months we will be here.

The last 6 weeks have been an absolute blur of packing the house (moving across the country is a whole different ball game!), selling stuff, finding a rental here, finding a realtor in Houston (you need one to even rent) and trying to sort all the moving details out. Everything else has pretty much got put on the backburner until we at least get the house packed and we move out. Once that happens things should slow down a little (hopefully).

Moving to Texas is something we have wanted to do for so very long. It’s a place that captured our hearts many years ago and the desire to be there has never really gone away. Coupled with the fact two of our closest sets of friends live down there make it even better. I am excited beyond belief, overwhelmed and also sad to be leaving so many things I love here in Canada.

My intention is to get back blogging (writing and reading) including posts on our newest adventure!



  1. Wow!! So happy for you guys! Though I'll miss seeing you three times I do get to! I can't wait to see you adventures there and I'm jealous you will love cold weather free!

  2. Aw, Alberta will miss you! But what an exciting new chapter for you guys! I can't wait to hear more about your move and stay up to date with your Texas adventures.

  3. i'm so excited for you, but so sad for me since I was just starting to get to know you better. guess i'll just have to visit. ;) i'm so glad you got it all worked out, and we'll have to go for another coffee while you're living downtown.

  4. What!??? That's crazy, I am so excited for you but sad for us!! We will miss you. You better keep up iour blogging when you are there and I better see you before you leave!

  5. Oh wow!! Congrats! That's crazy and exciting! We've moved to different provinces across Canada and that alone is a lot of work so I can't even imagine how much more work it is to move to another country! I guess our loss is Texas's gain! :(