Thursday, October 27, 2016

Thinking out Loud Halloween Edition

Good Morning! Another edition of Thinking Out Loud link up with Running with Spoons


  • I had every intention of blogging more in the last week than what actually happened but then between being extra busy at work and a very full weekend I never got a chance to sit down and actually start to type anything till Wednesday night.  Really just in time for this post!

  • Anyone else a stress eater? I stress eat (sugary stuff mostly) and with all the extra Halloween candy around I have been finding it extra challenging to reach for almonds or fruit instead of those delicious little chocolate bars. And to top it all off during our busy times at work they always stock up on snacks (aka junk) for when we work late. So on top of the candy I have free access to chips and cookies.
  • Speaking of Halloween – it is so not my thing. It is probably my least favourite holiday. I enjoy the candy (see point #2) and I absolutely love seeing all of my friends’ kids in their costumes and handing out candy but everything else about does nothing for me. Not decorating, not scary movies and definitely not dressing up.
What about you - are you stress eater? Do you like Halloween? Do you dress up?


  1. I'm definitely a stress eater but I turn more to carbs and cheese than sugar. Although really, anything goes.

    I freakin LOVE Halloween. It's my favourite. I love getting dressed up, carving pumpkins, going to haunted houses, handing out candy, the works. I love it all. And it's even more fun now with a little guy who loves it just as much! I can't wait to go trick or treating with him on Monday. :p

  2. I like all holidays lol. I'm more into Halloween now with kids than before. And yeah, the candy helps ;)
    I'm the opposite of a stress eater which isn't a good thing either!

  3. The office around Halloween was always the worst! So much candy! And you trick yourself into thinking one little chocolate bar everytime you walk by the bowl doesn't really count...except man those tiny little things pack a calorie punch! I finally bought candy yesterday, but I hid them away and will do my best not to reach for them. I love Halloween! Always have, but it's definitely more fun with a kid. I have no energy to want to decorate the house or do a bunch of crafts this year though lol. But we will hand out candy and go trick or treating.

  4. I'm so with you on not loving Halloween. Thankfully I haven't even bought any candy for it, so I don't have to worry about eating it! I was surprised I even considering "dressing up" for it, because nope.