Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Local Love Pizza and Pints

The other week was both YYC Pizza Week as well as Alberta Beer Week so naturally when I saw that there was a pizza and pints afternoon tour offered, I jumped at the opportunity to attend. When we are travelling, food tours are something we usually try to do but I have never done one in the city I live in. I’m totally missing out!

YYC Pizza Week returned last week for its third year with partial proceeds from every pizza sold, from over 50 Calgary restaurants, benefiting two charities: Calgary Meals on Wheels and 100 Men Calgary. I had the chance to chat with some of the members of this club during the afternoon and they have a pretty cool concept! The 100 Men Calgary is the men’s only portion of the charity, but they have a link on their site to the women’s version as well. I recommend checking them out for yourself or your significant other!

For our afternoon tour, we met first at Beer Revolution (which I had no idea was part of Brewsters Brewing Company) where we heard a brief history of both Brewsters and Beer Revolution. The fact that Brewsters was started in my home town of Regina was a neat little fact I didn’t know before. There we got to sample 3 of their beers along with their signature pizza - Sayulita Surfer – a thin crust pizza with enchilada sauce, chorizo, caramelized onions, banana peppers, roasted poblano’s, tex mex cheese, avocado lime crema, romaine, and topped with tortillas. Not normally a pizza I would order but it was delicious!

From there we got on a bus and continued onto to Cravings Market Restaurant, down in the South, and had their signature pizza - Cravings Bianca.  This one was a thick crust pizza with house made b├ęchamel sauce, bacon, spinach, basil, and traditional . Paired with this pizza was a pint of Big Rock Cider. This pizza was by far my favourite one of the tour and this restaurant is one I would go back to try some other things on their menu.

Next we visited Midtown Kitchen & Bar. Here we had the Smoked Bovine pizza with smoked Alberta brisket, apple BBQ sauce, picked red onion, mozzarella, horseradish aioli, mustard, and micro greens. We were supposed to try a new collaborative beer created with Banded Peak Brewing Company, Vienna Steam Punk, but instead they substituted several samples from a Lacombe brewery – Blindman Brewing.   Honestly this stop was my least favourite – I wasn’t a fan of the pizza or the beer. The pizza was way to barbecue saucy and didn't really pair with the beer options we got. 

We finished up at Full Circle Pizza and Oyster Bar for their Fritto Misto Pizza. This seafood inspired pizza has a tarragon panna base, with peperonata and potatoes then they top it with beer battered oysters, white anchovy, cod, calamari and tartare sauce. This pizza was paired with a pint of Cold Garden’s East Calgary Lager. This was another restaurant I would like to go back and try sometime. Their pizza was so unique with all of the different seafood on it. 

Overall this was a really great tour. Tickets were $55 which I was thought was super reasonable considering the amount of food and beer we got all afternoon as well as transportation between each place. We got a brief history at each stop on the background of the restaurant and the beers we were trying. It was fun trying out places that I had never heard of never mind been to! I highly recommend keeping it in mind for next year.

Did you get a chance to try any of the pizza’s for pizza week? Have you eaten at any of these restaurants?


  1. I need to keep my eyes open for this next year!

  2. That's a neat event! I heard about one on CBC that is happening tomorrow- it's all you can eat pizza for $50 and the money goes to Kids Sport. 100 different pizza places donate their pizza's, so you could try so many of them

  3. Yum!! This sounds so good!! I'm not a fan of beer but I would definitely go just for the pizza!

  4. This sounds like such an amazing event!! Mmmm, pizza and beer.

  5. That sounds perfect! What a fun event!