Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello...... Is anybody there.....

I’m back! Under a revised name and with a new purpose.
When I first started blogging I didn’t really have a plan I was just winging it….. that didn’t work out very well. Along the way, I met some amazing ladies from it all, but I found I was struggling on finding my voice and feeling like I was writing something worth reading. I didn’t really have theme and frequently got frustrated with the whole thing until it felt like a chore keeping it updated so I stopped. For the last couple of months,  I have known I wanted to get back into it, and have put a lot of thought into what I want my space to look like and what I really wanted to write about.  So here is the plan, I am definitely going to be more focused on healthy lifestyle content – that’s something I love pretty much everything about, but also will continue with a few everyday topics related to life in general.  Something that peaks my interest.  You may also see the occasional post from my husband (I’m bribing him!)  as he is signed up for a few more races/activities than I am doing, and I think a different perspective on things is great. So if you used to read, welcome back, and if you’re new, I am so glad you stopped by.

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