Thursday, March 13, 2014


With the multiple moves we had last year coupled with everything else (including a LOT of work stress) to say that working out fell off the radar would be an understatement! I'm trying to get back into things but motivation has been slightly lacking......

On the running front I haven't been doing a lot but did sign myself up to the run the 10K the same day that the Scotiabank Marathon. Earlier in the year I was hoping to do the half that weekend but with where I am with running am very happy with the 10K. I really need a push in this area.

Yoga - one area that actually have been doing fairly well. When we were in between house I wasn't close enough to go to the studio I love but now that we are in the new house I am only 10 min away. So no excuse there really!

I am looking for something else I can do at home to supplement the running/yoga. I have looked at both the Beachbody T25 and the new P90X3. Has anybody tried either of these? Thoughts? I know both of these are full programs that you are supposed to do daily but I am thinking of just adding them in a couple days a week.

Who else is running the Scotiabank weekend?
Any other at home workout suggestions?


  1. So happy to see you posting again! I am running that weekend, so we will see you there :)

  2. I am definitely running, so I will hopefully see you there!

  3. Like we chatted about I really loved Focus T25. I have only heard really good things about the new P90X3. I forgot about that one, maybe I should look into that on...T25 would be a good add in plus its only 25 min!