Monday, March 10, 2014

Catch Up

Goodness I don't even know where to start! It's been forever since I posted on here......

Let’s see if I can quickly catch you up without having information/picture overload
May 2013
  • We went to Texas to see some dear friends of ours get married and to celebrate our anniversary. We had a fantastic 10 days down there!
  • We sold our house

  • 1. Amazing BBQ everywhere we went in Texas
    2. One of the oldest dancehalls in Texas where it was cash only and beer or wine (by the bottle) only
    3. Great 80's coverband the Thursday before the wedding
June 2013
  • We moved out of our house and in with friends
  • I went to Vegas
  • We volunteered for flood clean up
  • We finally bought a house
  • I changed roles at work
  • Mr. H changed roles at work and got a promotion
    Flood clean up
July 2013
  • We enjoyed a very fun (but wet Stampede)
  • We went camping and spent time with my family

Lake Camping/Saskatchewan Mini Chuckwagon Races

August 2013
  • We got possession of our new house and started renovating (we didn’t move in yet….)
  • I celebrated my 35th birthday
September 2013
  • Mr. H celebrated his 35th birthday
October 2013
  • We moved out of our friends place (they were moving) and my Brother-in-law’s place in Bragg Creek since our house wasn’t quite done yet
  • We said a sad “See ya’ll later” to some very good friends when they moved to Austin.
  • Mr. H and I went to Vegas for a few days by ourselves and then Dallas with friends for a football game

November 2013
  • Remember that house we bought back in June.... Well we finally moved into it at the end of this month!
Before/After Pics
December 2013
  • One of my best friends turned 40!!
  • I participated in the blog swap (Thanks again to Leigh and Lindsey for organizing and to Laura for the beautiful ornament)

Christmas swap ornament

January/February 2014
  • Has been fairly low key...... We have went to a couple hockey games, celebrated New Years and celebrated a friends birthday

I am positive I have left things out along the way somewhere...... Hopefully I can get a bit better and post more often.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend :)


  1. You had an exciting couple of months! I bet you let out a big sigh of relief once your house was done and you guys had finally moved in.

  2. You've been busy! Love your friends wedding dress!

    You sure go to Texas a lot. You have lots of friends that live there?

    Your house looks beautiful!

  3. Loved this recap!! You have been busy and doing fun stuff!! I want to seeore of this house! Looks beautiful!! Glad you are doing so well!!