Monday, April 29, 2013

Low Key Weekend

I can't believe its Monday again already!

I had a fairly low key key weekend as Mr. H was out of town visiting family. So besides my serious catching up on sleep my weekend included:
  • Making these delicious dark chocolate almond bites. And then proceeded to eat more than my share of them.

  • Going to yoga classes - I am almost done my 30 day challenge.

  • And trying to keep the house clean. We listed our house last week so I vacuumed and swept and wiped things down more times than I care to remember.

And that's about it.... not very exciting.....

It was the food truck frenzy here in the weekend. Did anyone go? We went last year and loved it but with Mr. H out of town we had to miss it this year :(


  1. 30 days straight! Good for you!! I cannot wait to get back to yoga this week. Are you guys moving?!

  2. Those chocolates look so good!! So excited for you to sell and move! Good luck again! That's awesome you are almost done your 30 day yoga challenge! Awesome. I bet you look more like the top photo!!

  3. Where are you guys moving to? Fingers crossed that your house sells quickly :)

  4. Mmm almond bites!

    Good luck with the house sale. I don't envy you having to keep the house clean for showings. I hated that part about selling- so difficult with the world's hairiest cat. Have you found a new place yet or waiting until you sell first?

    I burst out laughing at the picture from the Hangover! You definitely do not look like that after yoga!

  5. I wanted to go to the food truck thing! But I was too exhausted from a overnight lay over in Toronto, and opted for being a vegetable instead! Good luck with the house!