Friday, April 12, 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!

Here a few things from this week that made me smile.

My Keurig order coming!

Package of treats from Lindsey. Tuesday had been a bit of a long day and I was more than happy when I checked the mail and found this.

Using our new ice cream maker to make coffee ice cream using coconut milk

Casual Friday at work today!

My thoughts most of this week
Anything exciting planning for the weekend? We are supposed to get more snow. Blah!


  1. So the oreos remind you of the old vanilla girl guide cookies? I'm pretty sure Mr Christie used to make the guide chocolate and vanilla cookies way back in the day...they just aren't the same anymore.

  2. You look awesome! LOVE that sweater. Where do you order your keurig stuff? Any fvorites? I NEED an ice cream maker!!! I am putting this on my wish list! yum. And what great goodies from Lindsey! so sweet. Happy Friday! LOVE that quote so true.

  3. So happy those goodies came just when you needed them! love today's outfit, casual Friday's are the best!

  4. Ah that was super nice of Lindsey! Hope you are having a great weekend :)

  5. Our ice cream maker just broke. I can't decide if we should get another one.

    That is quite the Keurig order! Where do you order from? We used to order from but looks like you have a way bigger selection than what you can get from Costco. What's the caribou flavour?

    Love your striped sweater! You have such nice shiny hair!