Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

The spring link up theme today is Spring Cleaning Tips……
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WARNING: Cleaning the house is probably one of my least favourite things so this won't be a very exciting post.
 It’s a task neither my husband nor I enjoy and to keep the peace in the house we have a cleaner that comes in every two weeks. I would give up spending money a lot of places before I would let her go! So that being said I don’t have any tips particularly… but there are a few things that we will do this spring:

1. Clean out the closets and donate any clothes we no longer wear. I actually enjoy doing this since I usually discover something I forgot I had! And it also means I get to see all of the clothes I get to start wearing when the weather is nicer :)
2. Clean out the office. Over this winter this room of the house got VERY cluttered and ended up being a dumping ground for everything. We started this last weekend and I can’t believe the amount of “stuff” I took out of there.
3. Clean the window screens. These I put these in the bathtub, spray with cleaner and then just rinse off.

Do you have anything special you do for spring cleaning?


  1. Wow! I never clean my screens! That sounds pretty hard core to me! I just like to clean my window sills.

  2. We need to clean our screens too. I have always thought a house cleaner would be a nice perk.. :) Thanks for linking up! look at you 3 days blogging in a row!!

  3. Our screens are in major need of a soak! We had soo much construction lately they are filthy!! I've considered calling a house cleaner to come a spring clean!! Lol

  4. Love the ecards! Cleaning is so annoying!!!!

    Love your blog header so cute :)!

  5. I always dread cleaning too... and then after I love it! :) Thanks for linking up!