Friday, March 22, 2013

Spring Treats!

Last day of the Spring link up.
 Life and Times of Alison and Justin
A huge thank you to Alison, Leah, Caroline, Mateya and Carolyn! I had a lot of fun with these posts this week

A few new recipes I would like to try:

I have been wanting to try and make my own Coconut Milk for awhile.

Buffalo cauliflower. I am intrigued by this one.....

Brie and apple roll up

Homemade Starbucks Passion Tea Lemonade

Cookie dough Popsicles - made with Almond milk

White wine sangria!
All recipies via

Do you have anything special you may as soon as the weather gets warmer?

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Spring DIY

Another spring themed link up!

 Life and Times of Alison and Justin
Today is Spring DIY - I am by no means a crafty person and am fully amazed at some people out there who have not only such amazing ideas but can actually execute them as well!!
There are however a few small things I am hoping to be able to do this spring.
Last year I just used sticks for my garden markers (boring). This year I am hoping to have something that looks a little bit nicer.
I think the river rocks in a wooden frame to rinse your feet is such a great idea! I am barefoot in the backyard tons and always need to rinse my feet without them getting dirty again.

The first picture is the idea to start your seedlings in Keurig cups. We go through a ton of these so this will be a great way to reuse them.
The second one is a makeshift greenhouse. I know we have a few clear plastic totes sitting around this would be perfect for.

This looks like something I may actually be able to do :)

This seems like such a unique use for used bottles.
All ideas are via
Do you DIY? Are you more of admirer from a distance like me? Any big projects planned?

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Cleaning

The spring link up theme today is Spring Cleaning Tips……
 Life and Times of Alison and Justin
WARNING: Cleaning the house is probably one of my least favourite things so this won't be a very exciting post.
 It’s a task neither my husband nor I enjoy and to keep the peace in the house we have a cleaner that comes in every two weeks. I would give up spending money a lot of places before I would let her go! So that being said I don’t have any tips particularly… but there are a few things that we will do this spring:

1. Clean out the closets and donate any clothes we no longer wear. I actually enjoy doing this since I usually discover something I forgot I had! And it also means I get to see all of the clothes I get to start wearing when the weather is nicer :)
2. Clean out the office. Over this winter this room of the house got VERY cluttered and ended up being a dumping ground for everything. We started this last weekend and I can’t believe the amount of “stuff” I took out of there.
3. Clean the window screens. These I put these in the bathtub, spray with cleaner and then just rinse off.

Do you have anything special you do for spring cleaning?

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Spring Fashion

Today's link up theme is "Spring Fashion". As easy as it should have been to do this post I found is quite difficult as there are so many great items out there for spring that I couldn't include everything!
 Life and Times of Alison and Justin
Here are a couple things I am loving for when the weather eventually get warmer.


Shoes from Nine West


 A new to me store Hazel & Olive

 My new purchases from Conversation Pieces (above) and Old Navy (below)

And last but not least! 
Some of my favourites from Michael Kors

How about you? What are wanting for spring? Have you bought anything yet?

Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring Bucket List

Happy Monday!

I thought I would participate in Spring Link up I saw over on Alison’s page. Hopefully it can get me back into the blogging groove.

 Life and Times of Alison and Justin
Today’s theme is Spring Bucket List! Although today does NOT feel like spring is anywhere close I do have a few things I am waiting patiently to be able to do:

  1. Be able to run outside again regularly without having to buddle up or dodge icy patches! I love running outside but am tired of it being cold. Long runs are not meant to be done on a treadmill (no matter how many episodes of The Walking Dead I have to watch).
  2. Set up our outdoor furniture again and be able to use it.
  3. Homemade iced coffee's on the deck
  4. Plant my garden. I plan on starting a few things inside this year and then planting them.
  5. Rabbit's eating my newly planted flowers last year
  6. Go to the Millarville Farmer’s Market (it opens just before the first day of summer so I thought I could sneak it in the list)
  7. BBQ in the backyard without having to shovel the deck first.
  8. I feel like I should add spring cleaning around the house to my list but that’s more of a “have to do” vs. “want to do” ;)
  9. Most importantly – being able to wear all my spring clothes/shoes! I am so done with my winter clothes.

What’s on your list?

Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday! Hope everyone enjoyed their week :)
Here are a couple things from the last week that made me smile.
New running shoes in a fun color!


Pottery painting for girls night (It hasn't been glazed and fired yet)

I just finished watching this and LOVED it.