Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Update

I am so so behind on my blogging that it's not even funny anymore! Between work, some personal things, trying to get ready for Christmas and then having a terrible cold this last little while I haven't had time for very much.

However this last weekend was full of fun things......

Friday I sent this guy off to his boys Christmas Party while I did some Christmas shopping and had a quiet night at home until I had to go pick him up.
I think he looks like a creepy used car salesman here...... Ha ha

Then Saturday I had a girls wine night - more specifically a $9.99 Cheap Ass Wine night. Everyone brings two bottles of a wine that are $9.99 (or less) and one of the bottles gets wrapped up in brown paper and other bottle just gets put to the side. Then everyone "tastes" each bottle and votes for their favourite. The winner takes home all of the second bottles - so for our night there was 11 of us and the winner took home 11 bottles! It's the second time we have done it and its always so much fun. And no one brought the same thing!

All of the wine wrapped up (we forgot the brown paper)

After - we just usually drink what's left of the open bottles


Wine may have turned into shooters at one point
Sunday was a pretty low key day. We were supposed to go to another Christmas party but decided to stay home instead. I made White Chocolate Cookie Butter brownies and then we decorated for Christmas and made a gingerbread house. Which by the way I have never made one before - they are a lot of work!

New ice cream I discovered the other day! So delicious!

Have you ever made a gingerbread house? Did you think it was a lot of work?