Monday, October 29, 2012

Chilly Weekend

This last weekend here was chilly but the sun eventually came out on Sunday. I don't think we had seen it for a week! We didn't have too much planned and the weekend ended up being a great mix of catching up on sleep, eating (way too much), a couple runs and a round of Insanity.

Friday night we went out for supper after work since neither of us felt like cooking. We came home and did nothing!

Saturday we bundled up and headed out to Feast in the East - there was 15 food trucks from around the city there.  It was chilly but nice since there was NO line ups. Usually there is so many people at these events that the line ups are crazy!

Perogies: Regular and Carrot Cake

We had grilled cheese from here that had onions and dill pickles!

Hot Chocolate with homemade marshmallows

 Then on Saturday night we drank wine and carved pumpkins

Finished product!

And of course pumpkin seeds :)

Sunday we got up and went for a run then headed out for lunch.

In the afternoon I attempted to make a gluten free and healthier version of chocolate mug cake. This one only had 4 ingredients in it and seemed to be fairly easy to make. I have found previous versions (non-gluten free) didn't turn out great.  They never seemed to taste quite right. However we actually really enjoyed it! I think it was the banana.


  1. Those pumpkins are awesome! I should have had hot chocolate there, it was so friggin cold!

  2. You always find the fun things to do in the city!! You need to post them on Friday so I can go!! :) Looks like a blast! And delicious. yum. Nice pumpkins!! We are doing ours tonight.

  3. oooh food trucks, i love that you were brave enough to endure the cool weather but as much as my husband and i love food trucks we would too!! your food truck fare looks amazing and your outfit is too cute

  4. I am craving some perogies like serious now because of your pictures! I don't think I've ever eaten from a food truck. I think I need to change that!

  5. Lots of yummy thing in one post :) Great blog btw! Check out mine and if you like, we can follow each other! :)