Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Weekend Recap (with a little Thursday thrown in)

This last weekend was filled with so many wonderful things! My Mom, Aunt and Grandparents were in town and the weather was amazing.

My weekend started on Thursday night (I get every second Friday off work) so I thought I would start my recap there.

Thursday night was my monthly girls night out and this month we went on a walking ghost tour in Inglewood. I wasn't sure what to expect but our guide was fantastic and she knew a lot of history of the area we were in. It wasn't so much a "ghost discovery" tour as it was more a history walk. It was a neat thing to do and she walked around with us for over 2 hours. For $15/person you can't beat that!

Pre-girls night run along the river

One of the stops on our tour

Friday I went for a much needed massage then we were off to meet my Mom and Aunt for supper at Redwater Grille
Ahhhhhh relaxation
Saturday we got up and ran the Heartbeat Run. It was a great little run that was close to our house. HOWEVER I haven't really done much hill training and I should have known when I registered when they referenced "heartbreak hill" it would exactly that. The race actually started uphill.........
We finished the afternoon off with lunch and drinks on the patio and a trip to the market. After that we headed out to my Uncle's place for a family dinner.

Pre and Post race
My Mom, husband and me
Delicious Beerlini's!
Walking along the river at my uncle's place

Sunday was spent trying to catch up from the weekend. So nothing too exciting to report or any pictures.


  1. Beerlini? Must try this! I love your outfit and it sounded like a great weekend. The weather WAS amazing!!

  2. Lucky you getting every second Friday off! I used to get every 3rd Friday off but haven't had them for a while. Sounds like a fabulous weekend! :)