Monday, August 13, 2012

Weekend Recap

Happy Monday!!

It was another fantastic weekend. I'm sad knowing summer is drawing to a close so we are doing as much as possible before it's over.

Friday night I met a friend for drinks on the patio after work....

Saturday was a quiet day.... we did some errands, went to Costco (spent too much as usual) and then just laid around outside enjoying the sun and reading my book.

Sunday we went for a run in the morning and then headed down to Marda Gras in Marda Loop. It was a New Orleans-themed Mardi Gras Street Festival. We wandered around down there for a bit watching some street performers and eating at some new (to us) food trucks.

Gluten Free pizza and freshly squeezed orange juice

Deep fried pickles and alligator jambalaya

Street performers
The we came home I went to hot yoga (for the first time in months).

Only 4 days of work this week then we are off until the start of September!!


  1. Love the new blog look! That looks like a fun weekend. Jealous of your holidays ;) I am ready for more. haha.

  2. Blog looks so great! That street fest looks fun. I am sad summer is leaving us too...nooooo! :(

  3. I could go for a corona right now :)