Wednesday, July 11, 2012

These are my confessions V10

Link up with Leigh's confession's post........

I confess...... that I love gossip magazines. Especially now that it is nice out I could lay outside and read them for hours! I think I find them such an easy and mindless thing to flip through and sometimes the stories are actually quite amusing.

I discovered an app on my iPad as well that I can digitally download/subscribe to them which makes it even worse.

Do you read gossip magazines?


  1. Sure do! I usually read them at the gym while on the elliptical!

  2. I don't subscribe, but I definitely pick them up for when I do the elliptical at the gym! They may sometimes be 6 months old- but whatev. :p

  3. I don't subscribe, but I definitely love seeing them in waiting rooms - even if they are a little out of date.