Wednesday, June 20, 2012

These are my confessions V8

Link up with Leigh's confession's post........

I confess..... we have so much wine at home (which isn't a bad thing) from all of the wineries we have visited. However I don't drink any of it because I want to save it! Most of the bottles we have you can't buy in the stores here and can only get it directly from the wineries. So I don't want to actually drink the bottles because once I do they are gone! So silly I know!! My friends are always giving me a hard time about "hoarding" my wine.

When I want to drink a bottle of wine (which is fairly frequently) I just go buy a bottle from the store.

This is the rack in the basement. Plus we have a wine fridge upstairs that's full (another 24 bottles) and another small rack as well.

We really need to start drinking them......


  1. That is quite the collection of wine! I wish I liked wine so I could try different ones

  2. I am so so so the same way, we have started drinking it now cause i'm afraid it will go bad.. ha ha Your collection looks awesome!! Yum. I love trying new wine.