Thursday, June 21, 2012


The other day, when I was feeling particularly irritated with just about everyone around me, I came across a post on one of my favourite blogs “A Cup of Jo” about annoyances.  Specifically, annoyances about your significant other.  The post was interesting and made me think – not just about what annoys me about my significant other, but even other people in my life: co-workers, friends, family.

She said that everyone in your life will have something about them that annoys you but that people tend to focus on these negative attributes and forget about the good things…. And you know what? I agree! I know I am definitely guilty of this.

The article made me stop and think that none of these annoyances are really that important. Everyone has their quirks, but for every irritating trait, there is an equally amazing thing. I find that the good is easier to see in the people closest to me.  The husband that never shuts the dresser drawers or puts the lid on anything is also the same person who always washes my car for me. The friend that always changes plans at the last minute is the one who is always there when I need her. Where I struggle are the people I don’t know very well. The co-worker that talks loudly to herself all day long – when I stop and think about it, she is also someone who is always willing to help when needed.

I am sure my quirks are just as annoying as the one’s I see in other people (I can be a little bossy,  I have a ridiculous amount of beauty/hair products, I get upset when thing don’t go exactly how I planned and I have a love for cheesy shows on TV). Once I realized this then I can appreciate the people around me more. I can stop focusing on the negative and see the good.

What annoys you about the people close to you? On the flip side what’s great about those same people?

What do you think annoys people about you?

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  1. I am bad for this... and get annoyed easily, I am sure you do not want my entire list. haha. Some things in general are - people that are late, slow drivers, people that want to walk at the gym. I would guess ti annoys people how much I have to plan and make lists, I know it bugs my husband at least!