Monday, May 28, 2012

Blah.... Monday and end of vacation

I think the title says it all. We are back from an amazing 10 days in Los Angeles and back at work today.

However the weather is not nearly as warm.....

Breakfast is not the same without this cute little garden area to eat in at our hotel in Santa Monica The Ambrose

There are none of these here.....

Or these........

AND there is nowhere decent for frozen yogurt.......

BUT I know summer is coming (eventually)......

We are going to Seattle in June so I can stock up on more of this deliciousness (I am bringing back as many as I can)

And my waistline is probably thanking me for not eating frozen yogurt everyday (besides a Menchies is open now in Airdrie!).


  1. Yumm Cookie Butter - enjoy it and savor it! I love Menchies :)

  2. Coming back from vacation is the worst! Sounds like you had fun though :)

  3. I must go to Airdrie! REALLY? I was just saying we don't have one close, and Airdrie is very close. You just made my day!
    Your vacay looks awesome. I need cookie butter!