Wednesday, April 25, 2012

These are my Confessions V2

I thought I would link up with Leigh's confession's post........

Here is my confession for the week...

I confess ……….when my husband isn’t home I rarely cook. My preferred supper is crackers, cheese and cucumber slices or toasted tomato and cheese sandwiches.  And somehow supper includes includes glass of wine. As he is out of town this week you can all guess what I have been eating. It is not that I CAN’T cook I just hate doing it just for me.


  1. I am so the same way!! Easy meal are where it's at when he is away. LOVE crackers and cheese!

  2. Same goes with me! It is usually scrambled eggs and toast for me though :)

  3. ha ha ha... my friend has the biggest steak and potato eater of a husband ever! She gets excited when he's away on business so she can have salad. Hilarious.