Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pure Jeanuis

I mentioned in my post the other day that I had made a trip out to Okotoks to Pure Jeanuis. For anyone that has never been out there it is a little designer denim boutique.  However they carry more than just jeans........ they carry lots of great tops and some really unique jewellery.  I have shopped out here several times and can attest to the level of service that Carolyn and her staff provides.  Every time I have been in there they have been amazing! Super helpful and always honest if something isn't the best fit for you. I like being able to shop in a smaller store that still has a great selection and get the personal attention that you don't always get in a bigger store in the mall AND without having to overpay for everything too!

Here are some of the items I picked up

These great jeans from Fidelity were on sale for $99 from $235.  These are probably some of the most comfortable jeans I have ever tried on!

I am always hunting for a cute sweater I can throw on over top of things.  This one is going to be perfect for the summer and was only $29

I had been eyeing these bracelets for a while now and finally bought one.  It was actually the reason I went out there in the first place!

Sunday, March 18, 2012



Hope everyone had a great weekend and are fully recovered if you indulged in some green beer!

Our weekend was fairly low key.  Friday was our day off from work so we had a date night at Tango on Thursday.  This is probably one of my favourite restaurants in the city.  Partly because I am SO indecisive and can never make up my mind on what I want to order. It is a tapas place so I get to have a little of ALL the items I want! One of our favourite items on the menu is the Pulled Pork Poutine.

Friday we woke up and discovered our fridge had quit working.  Well more accurately the freezer portion which I found out actually controls the temperature on the fridge side. I wasn't very happy since we have only lived in this house for just over 4 years and the appliances were all brand new.  However I was VERY thankful we have a chest freezer and a wine fridge and also that it was cold enough in the garage that all the fruits and veggies could sit out there. Luckily we were able to find a repair place that could come out on Saturday so we only lived without a fridge for a day.

Saturday was spent waiting for the repair man to come and for him to fix it. Apparently it is common problem with GE appliances and it was an easy fix without being too expensive. Then we headed out to a great little store in Okotoks Pure Jeanius.  The owner Carolyn and her staff are fantastic and I love going out there. It always ends up being an expensive trip so I definitely try to limit how many times we go there. Saturday night we stayed home and didn't participate in any St. Patrick's Day activities.  We watched My Week with Marilyn (I had already read the book).  Michelle Willaims does an excellent job of being Marilyn. We also watched The Switch which I know has been out for awhile but we had never got around to watching. 

Sunday I spent the day catching up on some things for the community association I volunteer for and getting ready for the week.

OH!! And we are two weeks into the Beachbody Insanity workout and are LOVING it!!!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


This post is a little behind as I received my February Glymm Box last week but didn't get a chance to put this up.

If you haven’t heard of Glymm before, check out their website here. Basically, GLYMM is a monthly subscription service that you pay $10 dollars a month for, and you receive 4-5 deluxe size samples delivered straight to your door.

This month's box had four things in it including two full sized items.

Overall, I was fairly pleased with my box this month. It wasn't as good as usual but I still enjoy getting new items to try every month. The eyeshadow colour is completely perfect for me, as I love greens and use them fairly frequently since they help make my eyes pop! I also love the Burt's Bees products and have yet to try the tinted lip balms! I am not as excited for the blotting papers as there was only one in there??? Which seems a little silly to me but what ever.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Weekend Cooking

I realized this week that we have been slowly dwindling our freezer supply of meals. Usually we have tons of meals in there that I can grab out for lunches or suppers if we are in a hurry. Between me being super busy with work until recently coupled with us eating out more than we should….

So in order to remedy that had a fairly full weekend making all of these yummy things to restock.

Black Bean Soup:  I found this recipe online at Epicurious but modified it a bit.  We added red lentils to it and extra tomatoes. It is delicious and almost taste like you are eating refried beans.

Slow Cooker Lamb, Mushroom and Barley Risotto.  This one was in one of the Clean Eating Magazines that I get in the mail.

Cornbread: I originally saw this message over on Leigh's blog and decided to try them. I added cheese and made them into muffins instead.

Cosmic Cookies: Planet Organic sells these and I LOVE them however they are expensive so we usually just get one as a treat. When we were in there on the weekend I saw they were selling the mix to make them at home. They turned out just as good and I could control the size.

Homemade Protein Bars: When I was working with a trainer at the gym she gave me this recipe to try and I love it.  I love that you can mix and match to put pretty much anything you want in it.  The recipe does call for a tiny bit of condensed milk but I am going to try replacing it with honey to make it a bit healthier.  They freeze really well to which is an added bonus. Friends of ours are expecting a baby soon so I might make an extra batch to take to them as well.

Cinnamon Buns: I have wanted to try these ever since @TrulyJo posted them on twitter.

Supper Sunday night was  this Asparagus Leek Risotto Recipe that I found over at Gluten_Free Godess's.  This is a favourite of ours. It is so easy to make.  I usually add spinach to it to up the veggie intake a bit.