Monday, December 12, 2011

Weekend recap

Friday we had potluck at work so I made perogies.  Appetizer type foods re one of my favourite and could eat plates of them (which by the way I actually did).

Saturday I helped with a Kid’s Christmas Party at our community association. I volunteer as treasurer and even though we don’t have any kids these events are tons of fun.  There was three “waves” of kids that were there for 2 hours each time. We made picture frames, decorated cookies, mode tree ornaments and of course photo’s with Santa!! Between kids eating paint and being terrified of Santa it was an interesting afternoon. My hot yoga session was much needed after this!! Ha ha

Then it was off to the Flames game. Mr. H is fortunate enough to be able to get tickets through work sometimes and I especially like it when he takes me instead of making it a “boys” night!

Pocketdogs & draft beer!!

Sunday we woke up to a pile of snow.  Mr. H shoveled several times throughout the day. We had plans to go to brunch for one of my best friend’s birthdays.  I LOVE brunch – nothing like waffles with whip cream and strawberries to start your day off right! After I let that digested I went to another hot yoga session.  That night we wrapped gifts and hung out on the couch.

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

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