Wednesday, December 14, 2011


The other night I was at home doing my Christmas cards and I came across the one for one of my close girlfriends and I was struggling what to write in it. This last year was a challenging one for me in a lot of ways and she was there for me through everything – always supportive, caring and never ever judging. Always allowing me to vent if I needed and listening when I would go on and on about a few things that I am sure she was ready to stop hearing about. This is where I was stumped…… how do you tell someone how much they really mean to you? Or thank them for everything they did for you? And say it so they truly know how you feel, how appreciated it was and how much their support really helped you through. How to say it without saying too much and over doing it.

I went on the internet to find some kind of inspiration and found a few cute little friendship quotes I thought I would share.


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