Friday, October 28, 2011


I am so happy it's the weekend!! It was a crazy busy week at work. I am looking forward to the weekend and catching up with some friends. 

Tonight we are getting together to watch the hockey game with some friends of ours that are here temporarily as they complete their move from Saudi to Houston.
Saturday we have a Halloween party with some neighbours. It's 80' theme so that should make for some good costumes.
Sunday will be a day of rest and carving pumpkins! Super excited to do that.

I am hoping to fit in some yoga and maybe a run too! Whew

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Hi Leslie! Welcome to the blogging world :) Was it you who left a comment on my blog about crossfit? If so, I live in Calgary, so I am doing it there. Where about do you live?

  2. HI! It was totally me...... I am trying to figure out the whole comment thing.... Fail for me! Ha ha
    I live in the far south of Calgary - Copperfield